Art & Writing


An evolving monthlong collaboration between neighbors working in dance, painting, and poetry.

Hide/Seek (for Little Salon)

Spaces in the attic and basement of a Capitol Hill home are connected with headphones and mics for anonymous conversation with strangers attending an art salon.

Georgetown 2215 c.e.

Observational walks out of the Halcyon residency site in Georgetown lead to a speculative map and stories about equity, exclusivity, and history.

Make DC Weird

Make D.C. Weird launched in late 2015 as an experiment in civic messaging about “the city we have, the city we love, the city we want.”


Street art portraits of friends as everyday voters.

X More Days

Street art campaign counting down to the 2004 election in which George W. Bush was asking for four more years. And remixed for the uncertain future ahead when he did win re-election.

No Wrong Side of the Tracks

Proposal and study for the installation of a non-linear poem on the underpasses around SEPTA’s elevated tracks between Lehigh and Girard Avenues in North Philadelphia.


A music and art ‘zine whose manifesto celebrated local culture, authentic weirdness, and real-life experiences of the world over TV and corporate mediated culture.