Erik Moe is a writer and artist based in Washington, D.C. He works with commercial clients worldwide on editorial, communications and design.


Erik Moe’s artistic and literary work examines landscape, time and culture through creative writing, walks, drawings, and maps. His practice is an interdisciplinary and collaborative one, often combining forms in contexts outside the gallery or the printed/electronic page: poetry and drawn maps to take on walks, text sampled in to paintings, and dialogue generated by and for movement. Erik has been a student of performance artists and community-based, socially-engaged arts since the 1990s. Dialogue on social and environmental issues, and creating collectively-authored works in concert with other artists and writers is central to his process. In 2015, he founded Future Cartographic, a home for collaborative creative works on these themes.


As a communications advisor and editorial contributor, Erik has developed opinion pieces and written on film and culture since 2003. His work, and work developed collaboratively for his clients, has been published in, Elle, Huffington Post, Atlas Obscura and elsewhere. As a graphic designer and art director, he has created branding for social justice nonprofits, pizza trucks and a presidential candidate. As a digital strategist he has directed national teams working for economic justice and electoral victories.