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Walks, Maps, Installations
& Creative Writing


My arts practice often explores the long course of time—past, present and future—at the neighborhood level. Writing, maps, walks, conversations and other shared experiences are all part of this journey. Learn more at Future Cartographic...


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service | ˈsərvəs | noun

  1. work performed for another;
  2. the serving of a cause or higher power, as through good works, prayer, etc.;
  3. (a) an act giving assistance; (b) friendly help; (c) professional aid.

excerpted from Webster's New World College Dictionary, 4th Ed.

I offer my expertise in creative and communication disciplines as a professional service to businesses of all sizes, as friendly help to neighbors and loved ones, and whenever possible in service of social justice, environmental causes, and anyone else making a difference. 


Writing & Editing

& Reports

With experience in high-profile issue campaigns and a lifelong involvement in arts and culture conversations, my writing and editing has earned top placement for clients' columns and op-eds.

Email Lists
& Marketing

From a single newsletter for your next big announcement to a robust email marketing strategy including automation and ad copy. 


Is your website delivering what your audience needs? Is it connecting with your business goals. A disciplined content strategy will streamline your workflow and identify opportunities for growth.


Design & Branding

Print Design

  • Business cards, reports, package design, flyers and more
  • Ask about print and delivery partners


  • Fast and budget-conscious development of new websites 
  • Updates and management of existing websites
  • Ask about special rates for artists and nonprofits

Logos & Graphics

  • Identity and branding
  • Adapt existing graphics for new uses
  • Image editing for social media and website content



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