Meaningful engagement starts with an understanding of culture. I've seen this first-hand serving in leadership roles with high profile advocacy campaigns, impactful arts initiatives, nonprofits and social enterprises across the United States. Let's work together to create deeper ties to your community. 


Featured Writing:


Writing, Arts Advocacy, and Culture

As a writer, I focus on cultural commentary that connects artists and audiences. I am particularly interested in the built environment and how it shapes who we become, a theme I'm exploring in my "hyperlocal utopias" project, Future Cartographic Society


Strategic Planning & Communications:

I advise large and small organizations and entrepreneurs on simple, cost-effective ways to build engagement. I can help you use online tools to build meaningful offline experiences.

Recent clients include social advocacy startup Daily Do Good, cultural nonprofit National Arts Strategies, justice nonprofits like TransAfrica, the Service Employees International Union, and The Opportunity Agenda, and other small businesses and nonprofits.