Case Studies:

These are some of the results that I’ve delivered for social impact teams in the past. To see examples of how I can bring this experience to your organization, visit my services page.


Activating allies nationally as a convention of 4,000 activists takes on income inequality.

The challenge: In 2012, 4,000 member-activists convened to chart SEIU’s economic justice strategy for the next four years. The organization sought to bring the convention to millions of other stakeholders across the country, and heighten the national dialogue around income inequality. READ MORE > 

Building a more equitable online culture and increasing engagement from diverse constituents.

The challenge: Many of the organization's key constituencies—persons over 45, female, low income, people of color—were underrepresented in online discussions and on my team. To meet engagement goals with these critical audiences, culture changes were needed. READ MORE >

Re-imagining an institutional website to put participation first—and save money.

The challenge: In 2008, this nonprofit already had a good-looking, Webby award winning site that presented its brand and story strongly. Leadership wanted a lot more, especially on key engagement and participation metrics. READ MORE >

Designing on the fly to stand out in a crowded Presidential field.

The challenge: In the Spring of 2007, it wasn't clear which of the Democrats in a crowded field would engage with grassroots online activists in the way that Howard Dean had proven was possible during the last presidential cycle. A scrappy team of former "Deaniacs" working to boost Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd's run for the presidential nomination needed solid design and art direction that could earn the campaign traction in a 24-hour blog and cable news cycle. READ MORE >