The Spitball Poems: A Walking Guide to U Street

SPITBALL was the inaugural exhibition at Hamiltonian Artists' new H-Space. During the month of March 2017, painter Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann, choreographer Kristin Hatleberg, and multidisciplinary artist Erik Moe installed and then riffed on each others work in an evolving collaborative installation. Poems and walks led to dance. Dance led to new approaches to painting. Painting inspired poems and walks.

Erik Moe's poems and a series of hand-drawn maps annotated with vellum overlays presented an alternative walking guide to the U Street neighborhood. Visitors were asked to take a poem or map at random off the wall in exchange for their cellphone, and to use the map as a contemplative nondigital exploration—one that in some cases invited participants to bring found objects back to the gallery to contribute to the evolving SPITBALL installation.  


Erik Moe

Truxton Circle, Washington, DC, United States

Digital strategy expert working to strengthen the online work of social impact teams, culture-makers, and nonprofits.