Oral Histories/Oral Futures (for Funk Parade)

A collaboration with sculptor Alex Braden and curator Seshat Walker. Phone booths in six locations reveal site-specific audio from DC's Black Broadway oral history archives along with speculative flash fiction about the 23rd Century. All inspired by observation, historical research, and conversation with our present-day neighbors.

Following the original site-specific installation during Funk Parade 2016, the phone booths were exhibited at Martin Luther King, Jr. Library (DC's central library), and at the offices of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. A more portable, book-length adaptation of Oral Histories/Oral Futures is available from Future Cartographic Society Press.

Erik Moe

Truxton Circle, Washington, DC, United States

Digital strategy expert working to strengthen the online work of social impact teams, culture-makers, and nonprofits.