The city is alive

There can be no greater boon to a city than spacious and convenient streets and avenues. They stand for its arteries and veins as public parks do for its lungs.
— Alexander B. Hagner

The article this quote comes from goes on to discuss D.C. street names, but I love this imagery. I'm certain I've run across other written or illustrative works that compare the city to a body. If any come to mind, please send them along. In the meantime, here are some lesser-known equivalencies:


veins and arteries = streets and avenues 
lungs = parks 
brain = libraries, publishers
heart = theaters and art galleries
Intestines = sewers
reproductive system = schools & universities 
kidneys = courthouses
nervous system = telecommunications cables
skeletal system = sidewalks
pancreas = fire stations
skin = the 50 foot fortress wall surrounding our city
muscular system = playgrounds, ball fields, and tree forts
endocrine system = bike lanes
bladder = movie theaters
liver = police stations
stomach = markets and groceries
spleen = discotecs
appendix = prisons

Erik Moe

Truxton Circle, Washington, DC, United States

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