Illustration by Erik Moe

Illustration by Erik Moe

These past 18 months, I have been quietly and privately writing a great deal: short narratives for Future Cartographic Society; meditations on creative entrepreneurial ideas; a draft or two of a novel; and many quick sketches about the beautiful milieu of friends, artists, entrepreneurs and activists who I’ve become close to. I’ve shared very little of this recent writing beyond a few trusted readers. Returning to a creative practice after several years away has been wonderful. This private commitment to writing has led to great opportunities and many new friendships, but I know that art needs to breathe for it to grow. It needs to be part of a broader cultural dialogue if it is going to have an impact. Today I am marking the 40th day before my 40th birthday with a commitment to sharing with you, building a community of substance, both online and off. I aim to make a habit of frequently sharing the work of people who inspire me, bits of wisdom I run across, ideas that I’d like to see take off, and some silliness. This paragraph is the start. More to come!

Erik Moe

Truxton Circle, Washington, DC, United States

Digital strategy expert working to strengthen the online work of social impact teams, culture-makers, and nonprofits.