Announcing the Future Cartographic Society

This is what one of DC's most gridlocked streets will look like 200 years from now... discovered by a Future Cartographic Society expedition!

What is the Future Cartographic Society? It is not—as my Dad hypothesized on Facebook—a cult of wealthy geographers who debate map shapes on GorpSporkNet.No!

Future Cartographic is a project to document what neighborhoods will look like 200 years in the future. I'm doing this through one-on-one conversations and walking "expeditions" with people from diverse backgrounds in neighborhoods of all kinds. The aim of the project is to build civic engagement around the long-lasting effects of neighborhood transformations and ultimately to demand more equitable, human, inspiring, playful, and sustainable change

The process of documenting the distant future is rooted first in sharing strong personal experiences of place from our past, and second in exploring together to fully share and experience anew the present state of the neighborhoods we call home. As we do this, a mashup of personal past and neighborhood presenttakes shape in the distant future. By documenting these futures in narratives, maps, and illustrations we begin to see certain truths. Truths not just about what the future will look like, but also the truth that we have the ability to achieve great things in our own time and to begin creating these inspiring futures.  

I've developed this project over the past year as a Creative Community Fellow with National Arts StrategiesThe conversations to be documented over the coming year are just the start. As the project unfolds, I plan to present discoveries about the future in a "sci-fi performance lecture," in an "Atlas of Future Neighborhoods" book and mobile app (pictured above), and ultimately to grow a movement demanding a more inspiring, fun, human, and equitable built environment.

I need a little help from my friends to make this happen

I've created a crowdfunding campaign that has more details about the project. My goal is to raise $10,000 by April 23 to fully fund a year of dialogues and "expeditions." It's not going to be easy, but I think this goal is attainable with your help and the help of everyone who believes that a more inspiring and equitable built environment is possible.

If everyone reading this found a few friends who could give just $12, we'd easily hit the goal. As a small incentive, there are some fun perks to be had if you are able to support the project at higher levels.

...and I also need help spreading the word

Your public endorsement as someone who knows my dedication to the arts and to making the world a better place is incredibly important to making this campaign happen. I've created Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for Future Cartographic Society that I'll be using to share updates and fun graphics as the campaign continues. Take a second to follow and share:

@futureatlas on Twitter | @futureatlas on Instagram | Future Cartographic on Facebook

Erik Moe

Truxton Circle, Washington, DC, United States

Digital strategy expert working to strengthen the online work of social impact teams, culture-makers, and nonprofits.